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Safe Operations


Effective May 11, 2021 a 400' maximum ceiling has been established for all HOTMAC RC flight operations. This will be in effect until further notice.

Operation of miniature aircraft needs to be performed in a safe and courteous manner. Below are links to the AMA Safety Handbook, HOTMAC Field Conduct and Safety , "See and Avoid",  Lightning Safety, AMA FPV Safety Guide and HOTMAC Flight Training Manual.

AMA Safety Program Handbook.pdf

HOTMAC Field Conduct and Safety

See and Avoid Guidance 540-D.pdf


SkyScan Lightning Detector

Unmanned Aircraft Operations Utilizing First-Person View 550.pdf

HOTMAC Flight Training Manual

Legal Requirements

All RC pilots at HOTMAC are required to obtain an FAA Recreational User Registration Number for their aircraft under "The Exception for Recreational Users".  A small fee covers multiple years. One registration number is for multiple aircraft. For details on how to register, label your aircraft and fly legally and safely click on the following link.   FAADroneZone

All RC pilots at HOTMAC are required to take and be able to prove completion of "The Recreational UAS Safety Test if ever requested bya law enforcement officer.  Here is the link. The Recreational UAS Safety Test

HOTMAC Pilot Certification

All RC pilots that join HOTMAC are required to be approved for Solo Flight by an approved Instructor using the form (SOLO FLIGHT CHECK LIST) on the last page of the HOTMAC Flight Training Manual. Beginners will enroll in the HOTMAC Flight Training Program and be qualified when they complete the training. Experienced pilots will schedule with an Instructor to complete a SOLO FLIGHT CHECK. Here is a link to the HOTMAC Flight Training Manual v20200702.pdf For a list of Instructors that approve the Solo Flight Check List, click HOTMAC Flight Instructors.pdf

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