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Learn to Fly RC at HOTMAC

Do You want to learn to fly fixed wing RC aircraft? Our training program will save you lots of frustration and money by working with a qualified Instructor and using the latest wireless buddy-box systems. HOTMAC recommends a multi-step process for beginners.  Costs are nominal and you will quickly gain proficiency to fly RC model aircraft. See the steps below.  All instruction follows the HOTMAC Flight Training Manual program which can be found with the link below.  Also, you will find a list of HOTMAC Instructors.

 HOTMAC Flight Training Manual v20200702.pdf 


 Name Email Phone
 Stephen Bird (281) 352-3964
 Todd Blose  (254) 640-5440
 Ronnie Dean (682) 239-9052
 Steven Ellzey (214) 384-2660
 Steve Hadley (254) 722-4113

1. Contact one of the Instructors above and schedule an Introductory Flight. You will get some Hands-on experience and you can decide if RC pilot training is something you want to pursue. An Instructor will guide you through the training program.

2. Purchase a Realflight simulator. Practice time on the simulator emulates the RC experience and will teach you the proper transmitter stick movements. Here is a link to the RealFlight simulator RealFlight and the latest version is available at the local HOBBY TOWN or from online vendors. Practice flying the simulator to learn transmitter stick control.

3. Join HOTMAC and the AMA at the appropriate levels.

4. After time on the simulator, and in consultation with your Instructor, you are ready to purchase your trainer aircraft. HOTMAC instructors recommend the following aircraft, but others may also be suitable. Consult with your Instructor.

A.  E-Flite Apprentice STS 1.5 m RTF Smart Trainer with SAFE #EFL37000

 C.  EFL49500 Valiant 1.3 M BNF Basic with AS3X and Safe Select


B. HobbyZone Aeroscout S2 1.1 m RTF with SAFE #HBZ38000