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Learn to Fly RC at HOTMAC

If you are a beginner and wanting to get started in RC, click the following link: Newcomers Guide 

HOTMAC recommends a multi-step process for beginners.  Costs are nominal and you will quickly gain proficiency to fly RC model aircraft. All instruction follows the HOTMAC Flight Training Manual program which can be found with the link below.  Also, you will find a list of HOTMAC Instructors.

 HOTMAC Flight Training Manual v20200702.pdf 

HOTMAC Flight Instructors.pdf

Upon completion of the training program the student will pass a Solo Flight Check List. Below are the steps we recommend.

1. Contact HOTMAC to schedule a hands-on Introductory flight by a HOTMAC Instructor.

2. The HOTMAC Instructor will schedule the Introductory flight and the student will make a decision if RC pilot training is something you want to pursue.

3. Join HOTMAC and the AMA at the appropriate levels. A HOTMAC Instructor will guide you through the Training process.

3. Purchase the Realflight simulator. Practice time on the simulator emulates the RC experience and will teach you the proper transmitter stick movements. Here is a link to the RealFlight simulator RealFlight and the latest version is available at the local HOBBY TOWN or from online vendors. Practice flying the simulator to learn transmitter stick control.

4. After you gain experience on the simulator, you are ready to transition to a trainer aircraft. HOTMAC recommends the following two trainers:

A.  E-Flite Apprentice STS 1.5 m RTF Smart Trainer with SAFE #EFL37000

B. HobbyZone Aeroscout S2 1.1 m RTF with SAFE #HBZ38000

Both of these trainers are great first airplanes and are capable of basic aerobatics to hone your skills as you progress. Either of these airplanes are available at your local HOBBY TOWN or through online vendors. Other aircraft are suitable for training and their use is permissible by your instructor depending on your skill level. 

5. Once you have a trainer, Flight Training with a HOTMAC Instructor will begin.  Our training goal is to get you soloed and flying safely within HOTMAC and AMA guidelines.

6. Once you solo and are proficient to fly safely, you are required to hold the appropriate AMA and HOTMAC memberships to fly at the club facilities. You will also need to complete the FAA UAS registration Recreational User UAS Registration and The Recreational User Safety Test (TRUST) AMA TRUST Test upon the guidance given by your Instructor.

7. Celebrate your new skills and enjoy a lifetime of flying RC!

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