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Nieuport -24Bis

  • 04/05/2021 10:12 PM
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    This post has been there for several weeks now without a single reply,

    Very disappointing, I had  hoped that `the new and very much improved website, that our President spent many hours to develop, would have produced some interchange of ideas.

    We are not a community if we don't communicate with each other.

     It's more than flying a foamy that someone in China built for you.

    I shall not waste my time posting posting progress.

     Alan Y.

  • 02/28/2021 6:04 PM
    Message # 10149972

    How nice to have a new website that we can all share.

    My current building project is a One Third scale Nieuport 24Bis.

    There were many variants of  Nieuports used in WW-!.

    The first was the small Nieuport 11,  known as the” Bebe”.

    Then perhaps the most famous, the N-17 which equipped a large number of  Allied squadrons and flown by many of the Allied Aces.  

    The next variant was the N-24 which had a more powerful rotary engine and a more rounded and streamlined fuselage.

    After that the N-27 which was a development of the 24 and again had a more powerful rotary engine and strengthened wings.

    The final version used was the N-28.

    The model I am building is a Nieuport 24Bis. Why Bis?

    Previous variants had no Fin but had a full flying rudder with semi rectangular stabilizer and elevators.

    The N-24 was designed with a Fin and Rudder with a rounded stabilizer and elevators.  However, there were production delays in getting those new tail designs built, so the early production N-24 continued with the earlier tailplane design and these were designated as N-24Bis.

     I am using  drawings by Hardesty for the full-size aircraft that I have had printed out at One Third scale.  No R/C plans at all, I am designing the model from those drawings and all the parts are cut in my shop. It takes quite a bit longer doing it that way, but I enjoy solving those issues.

     I started this project about 8 weeks ago and it will take me probably 9 months or more to complete.

    I started with the fuselage and the tail feathers and have also made a start on the wing center section.

    The top wing span at one third scale is 108 inches, so I have to build  the wings in three parts for storage and transportation.

    An interesting feature of this aircraft is that the ailerons were connected to a torque rod. That was connected to two vertical push rods in the fuselage. Moving the joy stick from side to side moved those push rod up and down which turned the torque rod and operated the ailerons.

     As a result, there will not be any servos in the wings for the ailerons, they will be driven, as the original but by two servos mounted in each side of the fuselage.

    The bearings for the torque rods are situated in the center section of the wing, but there has to be a  slop- free  way, for the torque rods to be connected when the outer wing panels are installed. That will be done using a square alloy rod that will slide into a square alloy tube.

    Here are a few of photos of the build so far.

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